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  Anti-Corrosion Cement Specialists

  Specialists in high quality corrosion, thermal and abrasion resistant materials.
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About Us

Anti-Corrosion Cement Specialists (ACCS) Ltd

Specialising in high quality corrosion, thermal and abrasion resistant materials, ACCS Ltd helps customers across the world who are involved in the processing and storage of acidic and alkaline (basic) materials.

With more than 40 years of knowledge and experience, we supply to a wide variety of industries, ranging from heavy chemical and petrochemical to nuclear processing, mining and food preparation.

With an equal spread of UK and overseas project sales, we have seen year-on-year growth despite economic challenges. ACCS Ltd is well established in the chemical industry and is also part of the MinChem Group.
To find out more about the MinChem Group please follow the link here.

Product Innovation

In the past, ACCS Ltd was the main manufacturer of NORI branded mortars and screeding materials - famed for their strength and durability. Today, we manufacture the same materials under our own brand names, and we have also introduced new products to complement our impressive range. Traditionally dealing in cementitious mortars and screeds, we continue to innovate and have also diversified into epoxy and vinylester resins, which provide extreme chemical resistance to a wider variety of corrosive substances.

Design and Installation Excellence

Experienced teams of installation experts ensure that our materials reach their full potential for customers on site. Highly trained, our professional installation teams now form a significant sector of our business, enjoying regular and repeat work with our contracting partners. In addition, we offer technical assistance in the design or enhancement of any corrosion management system, with experienced personnel using sophisticated CAD systems to provide unparalleled support in the development stages.

Health & Safety/Quality Compliance

Our office and factory staff are highly trained in the packaging, quality control and shipment of goods both within the UK and for export, and are fully compliant with the latest Health and Safety regulations.

We are fully certified with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 protocols. Please click the ISO logo below to see our ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

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