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Other Products

Products Components Recommended Maximum Operating Temperature


Epoxy resin, Epoxy hardener

Water tolerent primer for preparing freshly cast concrete work areas, and existing damp sections.


Epitek Flexicoat
Epoxy resin, Epoxy hardener Flexible membrane to improve crack prevention in top coat. 105°C
Glass Matt Woven Roving glass fibres The formation of a composite means that the natural properties of the coating material are enhanced with the improved mechanical strength from the glass matting. In additional to its structural strength, the glass matting is also corrosion resistant. It can be cut and shaped to suit the working environment meaning that curved edges and repair work is easier to conduct. 200°C
Ceramic Blanket
Ceramic Paper
Manufactured from high purity ceramic fibres with a small amount of organic binder.

High temperature stability.

Low thermal conductivity.


Good dielectric strength.

Good chemical stability.


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