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Misc Materials

Products Components Recommended Maximum Operating Temperature Not Recommended
ACCSIL Bricks/Tiles/Pavers
High Silica/Alumina content brick depending on requirements. Highly vitrified, ACCSIL Bricks/Pavers/Tiles provide excellent resistance to a large range of aggressive environments, particularly sulphuric and nitric acid. Their ceramic nature also provides mechanical and thermal resistance to enhance service lifetimes. 900°C HF or fluorine containing acids/salts. (Carbon bricks can be supplied if required.)
Cellular Glass Block Alumina-silicate cellular glass foam board with exfoliated glass structure. The low density and low thermal conductivity make this an ideal insulating material to ensure improved temperature control. Coupled with this, the corrosive resistant properties make this product an excellent material for gaseous environments where more dense materials are not feasible. 600°C HF or fluorine containing acids/salts.

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