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Potassium Silicate is an extremely corrosion-resistant material that has excellent stability against nearly all acidic materials. This level of protection is also provided up to high temperatures and its cementitious nature allows for good abrasive strength as well. For more information please click here.

Another mainstay of our product range, Furan is usually a brick mortar but can be employed as a render or coating. It offers medium range thermal resistance and superior corrosion protection, particularly against organic acids and solvents. Traditionally used for effluent treatment due to its low porosity, Furan is the mortar of choice for a number of chemical processing areas. For more information please click here.

Novolac Epoxy/Vinylester-based
Our Novolac materials offer unparalleled corrosion protection to a large range of both acids and alkalis, or even a cocktail of both. Due to the ever changing demands of industry, the need for a material to offer protection against both high strength acids and alkalis, at relatively low cost applications, has seen massive growth for these materials. For more information please click here.

Bricks and Blocks
To supplement our range of mortars and screeds, we also provide a number of different shaped items. These range from acid resistant bricks to cellular glass block insulation. For more information please click here.

Other Products
These are products that do not fit in to our regular product categories. These items include a damp tolerant primer for application to concrete that has only been cast within the last 48 hours and thus expediting the work timetable. For more information please click here.

Please find a copy of our full corrosion resistance chart here.

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