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  Specialists in high quality corrosion, thermal and abrasion resistant materials.
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Design and Consultancy

Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Desk Our design consultants are experts with many years' experience in the industry. This means we have unparalleled insight into the layout, selection and deployment of ACCS Ltd materials for a number of different industries. We recognise that each customer has unique requirements so we provide bespoke technical designs for each specific project, ensuring that the materials selected will maximise the efficiency and life expectancy of the facility.

Stress - Strain
Using specialist software, we can offer Stress-Strain designs to provide examples of how materials are likely to behave during lifetime installation. This can be exceedingly important on capital projects where environmental conditions can involve more than just the corrosive environment for which the materials are designed.

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
We also use specialist software to offer alternative designs to suit your particular requirements, maximising the efficiency of the process vessels while remaining within the environmental and budgetary constraints.

ASTM and EN Standards Testing
Our materials are designed and manufactured to comply with ASTM and EN standards, and quality control systems (as part of ISO 9001:2008) ensure that these standards are maintained for both large and small orders. Certificates can be provided on request.

Risk Assessment
We can offer risk assessment advice during the design phase, together with consultancy in mitigating and reducing risks associated with working in corrosive, abrasive and thermal environments.

Site Inspection
Site inspections ensure that the right products are being selected and the working environment is conducive to producing a suitable finished product for your needs.

Product Development
We are fully aware that products on occasion need to be tailored specifically to a processing environment. We have always taken pride in our flexibility and willingness to develop bespoke solutions to match your requirements. By altering and improving our existing range of products, we are capable of providing the complete package, precisely tailored to your exact processing and facility conditions.

Complementary Products
We have a large range of affiliate companies with contacts developed over a number of years and our design consultants are well-versed in alternative technologies which can complement our products. Where preferable, we will even offer an alternative solution that is more suitable and cost effective to your individual requirements.

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