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MinChem HMP Ltd

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MinChem HMP Ltd (formerly known as Hines Milling & Processing Ltd) is based in the heart of the Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. It is a well-established manufacturer of a range of wet and dry ground products based on zircon, zirconia, alumina and related ceramic/refractory raw materials.

MinChem HMP Ltd offers a unique brand of zircon specialities, such as our ZircozonTM range. These are would-class materials accepted in all ceramic manufacturing countries, and used by major players in investment casting, foundry, tableware/tile, sanitaryware applications and related areas. Zircozon 5 is our top selling, high quality grade opacifier giving high-white glaze opacification results, meeting international standards.

MinChem HMP's range includes zircon, zirconia and alumina products such as cements, paints, coatings, patches, castables and ramming compositions. These products are used to serve the above and other diverse markets worldwide in abrasives, ceramics, ceramic colours, electrical insulation, frits, glass, glazes, kiln furniture, metal filtration, paints, pigments, refractories, welding electrodes and a host of other technical applications.

MinChem HMP Ltd also offers blending, contract milling, sieving, spray drying and other processing services. Raw materials, zircon, zirconia, alumina and other ceramic/refractory materials can be processed and supplied to your own formulation and specifications under strict confidentiality.

For further information please contact:
MinChem HMP Limited
Scott Lidgett Industrial Estate
Scott Lidgett Road, Longport
ST6 4NQ, United Kingdom

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